Stylised self portrait which is animated to blink every few seconds

Hi I’m Arielle

I’m a Taiwanese-Australian illustrator based in Adelaide, Australia. I work with a mixture of traditional and digital media, to create dreamy and whimsical illustrations. My favourite subject matters are animals, nature, and everything fun and magical.

My aim as a visual storyteller is to capture the emotions and personality of the characters, stage the atmosphere of a picture story, and convey the mood of each scene. I am passionate about illustrating stories and I work tirelessly on each project, so that everything I create will get the full attention it deserves.

I am currently accepting freelance work, please contact me at contact@arielleli.com if you are interested, and I would try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting the site and viewing my portfolio. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating the works.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Bēhance to see what I’m currently working on. If you like my work, and would like to support me for the price of a coffee, you can do so here and I will be eternally grateful 😉