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Sharing My First Attempt at Character Design: Watercolour Painting of a Turnaround


Also My First YouTube Video

First of, I’m so happy to announce that I’m officially on YouTube! Yay! I’ve been debating this for ages, but I’ve decided that this is going to be somewhat worth the investment of my time, because:

  1. I’ll be creating exposure for my work, as being on more social media platforms means higher chances of reaching potential clients.
  2. I’m already recording my painting processes anyway, so I might as well make full use of the footages

So in this video, I shared a time lapse painting process of this little girl character that I’ve designed.

It’s a bit daunting sharing my work process on YouTube, especially as I’m not quite as good as sketching as I’d like to be. I got nervous filming the sketching process of the back of the little girl. However, don’t want to edit out the mistakes and how I struggled to draw, as it’s more realistic to how I work anyway. I don’t always get the drawing right in the first go.

So yeah, this is the beginning of my “YouTube journey”, I don’t know how it’ll go eventually, so Im not going to set any upload schedule, but I am aiming to upload at least once a fortnight.

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