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  • Arielle Li

Skillshare Class

I've published a Skillshare class in 2020. It's a watercolour tutorial class showing you how I mix skin tones using watercolours for painting portraits.

Visit this link to view the full class, plus get 2 months free of Skillshare:

In this class you will learn:

  • How to select the colours for mixing skin tones

  • Watercolour layering techniques to build portrait paintings

  • Watercolour effects for skin textures and vibrant hair – Tips for creating a portrait with multiple people

  • How to transfer sketches onto watercolour paper

In the end, you will be creating a class project, where you will demonstrate the skills you have learnt in the class, and finish by creating a whimsical group portrait that can be a gift for someone, too.

Hope you enjoy :) And let me know if you've found it helpful, and please share with me your creations!

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