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Update: Anchored CBCA Award & a Surprise Announcement...

To provide an update from my previous post, unfortunately, Anchored did not make it to the shortlist in either categories, however, to have made it to the CBCA notables list is already a big achievement in and of itself. And again, I must express my thanks to everyone on Team Anchored :)

Children's book Anchored featuring a ship and a tugboat with the CBCA notables list sticker on the top right
How good does the sticker look on the book?

In other news... I am so thrilled to announce that Anchored is now avaliable in German! As Ich komm immer wieder zu dir zurück (meaning “I always come back to you” ☺️ how cute is that!) See picture below for how the book look like in German!

Cover of the book Anchored in German

The publisher who have purchased the rights for Anchored is called mvg Verlag, and I'm so excited (and curious) to read our book in German. I will write another update when we receive our advance copies.

So, yep, that's all for today 😊 Hope you have a great rest of the week! Bye~


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